Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blooming Pizza Bread

One of the things I Love to eat is bread.  One of my downsides.  lol  Especially when it comes to recipes like this one!! I found this over at The Girl Who Ate Everything's blog.  Although my pictures aren't nearly as pretty as hers, I LOVE the taste!!!  So did my kids and hubby!!!  I also made it for the recent Hotwheels Spinshotz House Party where I did half pepperoni, half Italian Cheeses.  The possibilities are ENDLESS with this bread!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Updates and Spinshotz Party!!

Hi everyone!!!!  I'm sorry I haven't been posting on here the last 2 weeks.  Its been a bit crazy. We are all still trying to adjust.  I started a new job last week working with a very dear friend of mine in her in home daycare and I've pretty much thrown myself into it entirely!  She worries I will burn myself out, BUT, this is something I LOVE to do.  If I can help just ONE child, I'm happy!  Anyways, for now, it's 3 days a week.  I"m hoping for more soon because I'm already attached to each child there.

Something else I would like to update on, I must sincerely apologize to the winner of my giveaway as i have still not made it to post office.  Gretchen, I will get that out as soon as possible.

Also, I am looking into updating the blog look!!  I've become bored with it's current design and would like to change it up a bit.  We shall see what i can come up with!

And, lastly, I'd like to mention about our Hotwheels Spinshotz House Party last week.  I was given the opportunity by to host a party featuring the new hotwheels spinshotz.  I think all the kids had a GREAT time!!  Here's a few pictures!!!

Here is what I received from them for free.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chocolate Cake for ONE!!

OMG!!  I had been craving chocolate cake for weeks!  Took a look over at to see what I could do.  Boy was I NOT disappointed!!!  I found this one minute chocolate cake while I was there.  I had all the ingredients, so why not??  YUM YUM YUM!!!  It was DELISH!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Baked Mac & Cheese Balls

Hmmm...Yummmm....oh sorry, still enjoying how YUMMY these were!!!  and to think its so much better for you than what most people do with FRYING them.  Now, I did borrow the breading ingredients and technique from's Baked Mozzarella Sticks which I have already made HERE.  I'm SO glad I did!!  You can really use ANY macaroni and cheese Recipe you want but since I had some Mom's Sneaky Mac & Cheese left over, I decided to use that.