Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letter A Craft For Preschoolers

During my much too brief stint of helping a friend in her in home day care, We introduced the letter A.

The first craft we did was the longest.  I decided to do this with such pretty colors since it is also spring.  Now, I cut my Letter A out, but I think it is easier for the children if you just leave it on the paper.  I also pre-cut all the tissue paper and twisted them so all the children had to do was glue it on the letter.


Sheet of tissue paper in different colors
Non-Toxic glue
Pre-printed letter A


Begin by cutting out squares of tissue paper. I really do not know how to describe to do the "twisty" part except with pictures.  I hope they explain enough.

As you can see I made WAY more than needed.

 All twisted up!!

Begin gluing.  I put my pieces VERY close together.  But the children all did their own thing which is great because you can see the personality in each A.

 The beautiful Valerie gluing!

The finished products!!!  Sooo cute!!


  1. I LOVE tissue paper! This is such a cute idea! :)

  2. loved this project, I love the lil girl on the pic.

  3. awww my lil Valerie. this was a project that everyone loved.

  4. This is a super cool craft and I love tissue paper as well! Its so pretty!

  5. You see, I have tried to do something like that with my kids, but never thought to twist the paper ahead of time for them. Turns out so much cuter that way than the huge squares they usually put down!