Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Little More About Me

I thought I would make a post explaining a little more about me and who I am.

 I am married to the most amazing, caring man who works so very hard to take care of his family! He is my best friend. We are an interracial couple. I am white and hubby is from Haiti. We have 3 BEAUTIFUL children. Our first boy, jr, is about to be 8 in Dec. Our second boy, munchkin, just turned 4 in July. My last , baby girl, is about to be 9 months. My house is almost never spotless, never quiet, and there is always SOMETHING happening. Never boring! But that is ok because there is love everywhere!

One of my favorite quotes: "The only thing that should be separated by color is laundry."--MLK There are some who say my children are monkeys and how could i marry outside of my skin color. Well, fact of the matter is, how could i not? Soon enough, there will be no such thing as a "pure" any type of race in this world. It doesn't just go as far as skin color, it also goes between ethnicity. Just because a person has a different color skin doesn't make them any less of a human being! As for those who pick on the mixed kids of this world, I say, SHAME ON YOU! These tiny little humans are INNOCENT and have no say in what they are born into! For those that choose to not be in mine or my children's lives, YOUR LOSS!!! “But what difference does it make? … When you’re mixed, you see how absurd this business of race is.” — James McBride

 Anyway, Rant over! Sorry!! That is one thing I'm VERY passionate about. I also love to bake, sometimes cook, crafts, do new and educational things with my kids. This blog is my way of sharing all these things that I love. I will also be sharing an idea of mine that i think will be GREAT and having it for sale and such. But that can wait for now until all the details are finalized.

 I look forward to sharing all these and then some! Still feeling out the whole BLOG WORLD!

 Until Next time, LIVE LAUGH LOVE!

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