Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nails anyone??

I have an obsession.  Always have.  With nails!  But not my own.  oh no!  Can never be my OWN nails!  Because I have bitten my nails since I was 3 yrs old!!  So, I guess it sort of makes sense that I'm obsessed with doing my own fake nails.  Which in turn keeps me from biting my own nails.  I've been doing them on and off since I was in high school.  (which seems soooo far away now!  lol)

So, I thought I'd show some of my work.  Nothing too fancy.  I am considering doing some new ones tonight as I haven't had nails on in a few months (just too busy).  I also want to try this new stuff recommended to me by my sister in law to use nail dehydrator to help them stay longer. I will definitely have to try and it let you know how that goes!

Anyways, here goes a few pictures...These are all acrylic and design done by me.

These are by far my favorite.  They were my "holiday spirit" nails.

Please excuse the eye class cleaner in my hands!  These nails, were supposed to only be the red tip with the silver line, but my boys were highly insistent that since it was Christmas time, there needed to be green in there!  So this is what i came up with.

These were the hardest I've ever done.  This was my friend's daughter.  She bites her nails worse than I do! right down to bleeding cuticles and all.  I think all things considered, the nails came out really good!

One of my longer designs.  Took me forever and i can't tell you how many times i took it off to redo because the silver or the white was not right.  Not my best work, but still nice enough.

My friend's Daughter's nails again.  A few years later.  LoL  yes, you read that right, YEARS!  Still very hard to work with, but didn't take me nearly as long. 

And finally, my niece's nails i did back in May.  The Flowers and stones were decals, but the nails themselves were mine.  Her nails were super skinny.  I had to take the tips and file them down to fit her nails.  But they came out very pretty! and she of course, was thrilled so that was a bonus!

I am thinking in the next couple of days, i will be doing my own again.  I will be sure to update and show some more pics!!


  1. You do awesome work! I love nail polish and nails too. I'm going to get mine done again here soon. I don't do my own. I go to a nail salon to get them done.

    1. I will say that is is NOT easy! Then again, to me, I look at it as if you can file it down, then you can do acrylics. BUT, not everyone looks at it like that. Plus, the other downside is that my house smells like a nail salon for DAYS! But, my sister in law went to beauty school and after hearing the stories from her about things that should NEVER be done that almost ALL of the nail salons do, I am weary of going back again.

  2. Those all look great! I get mine done at the salon..i couldnt go without my acrylics now lol

  3. Awesome job! I went to school for hair and nails as well. I totally agree with you on things done at a nail salon that should not be done. If I do acrylics I do my own here at my house. But the house does smell like a salon for a few days. I do my own nail art too. I love your work, Ill be doing some of these for the upcoming holiday.

  4. Gorgeous! You have a natural talent! :)