Saturday, May 18, 2013

Savory Saturdays With Melody - Banana Foster

I am going to be starting a new segment here on the blog. We are calling it Savory Saturdays with Melody! ! You can find her over at Coffee & Kahlua. She makes some awesome recipes that I cant wait for her to share with you all. Here is her first. Its called Banana Foster. Something I had NEVER heard of until Melody sent it!!! Here she is!!!  


The final picture here is the banana foster over lemon custard ice cream (taste approved by Harmony & Matt lol).

I've been meaning to make this recipe for months, so I'm very happy to be sharing it with everyone now.
I was inspired to make this by watching an episode of one of my favorite foodie shows which featured Brennans in New Orleans the birth place of this recipe. They explained all about the history behind the recipe. I love hearing about a recipes origin and history. It brings back memories of my grandmother and great grandmother who loved to cook almost as much as they loved to eat. I can still see them in the kitchen with their aprons (yes they actually wore aprons) surrounded by burnt orange and yellow flowers that were such a hit in the 60s & 70s on the wall and chair and table, and olive green on the walls. The smells that came from that kitchen were amazing! Ok back to 2013, Here is my version of Bananas Foster (less alcohol, but all the taste in tact!).
I hope you all enjoy! If you ever use a recipe you find on my blog please don't hesitate to share your results.


1 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 stick sweet cream butter
1/4 cup of Banana Extract
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
4 whole ripe bananas cut down the middle and then in half.
1/4 cup of rum (i used a light rum that was only 40% alc vol
1/8 cup cooking sherry

Mix butter, sugar, and cinnamon in a skillet or pan of your choice (make sure its big enough to accommodate all the bananas) and put on low heat. Cook and stir until most of the sugar dissolves . 

 Add banana extract & sherry and stir a little more . Place Bananas in pan and cook until softened.

 Now this is the part that becomes a flambe' dish but I myself did not light it fire. The discretion is up to you but if you side on caution then here is how I got the alcohol cooked out & the dish still fully cooked with a firmer texture. Add the rum into the pan carefully and not in haste. Raise temp to med/low and continue cooking until bananas have a nice brown cooking mark on each side being careful not to overcook the sauce. Take the bananas out the pan and place on top of ice cream or cake and drizzle sauce over the top. Serve immediately and enjoy this wonderful dessert!


  1. Ive never heard of this before and its very interesting. Im not a fan of banana's but my kiddos love them. Im gonna have to try this for them!

  2. Oh wow that looks incredibly insanely delicious! Keep these amazing recipes coming, I got my new recipe book out ready for all the yummyness heheeh

  3. I've had banana fosters pancakes at Eat 'n Park. I'll have to make this at home now.

  4. I've heard of Banana Foster before, but this puts an awesome kick to it. It sounds really easy and looks delicious.