Friday, May 3, 2013

Tissue Paper Flowers

I made these last night for the first time for munchkin's preschool teacher's birthday!  was looking for something to give her with his cute little birthday card he made for her.  I have to say, I'm quite impressed with these!!!  Very pretty and super easy!!!


Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaners


Start by cutting 12 - 16 pieces of tissue paper about 5 x 7.  If you are using multiple colors, I suggest rearranging them here to be easiest.

 On the short sides, cut a wavy line to give some design to the flower when it's done.  It's not a must (as you will see in my other flowers, but certainly adds to it.  You can also use an edging scissor if you'd like for a cute little design to it.

Fold all the sheets together like and accordion and round off the ends.

Secure your pipe cleaner in the center of your accordion folded flower.  true not to make it TOO tight or it will be difficult to pull the papers up.

Begin pulling each paper up on one side of the flower.

And now the other side!  Be sure to go in and fill any gaps or holes by manipulating the paper.  It's ok if it rips a little.   Twist the pipe cleaner all the way down as the stem.  If doing more than one, then twist all the stems together to form the bouquet!!  Feel free to spritz the flowers with some perfume to give a scent!

This one was done with 12 sheets instead of 15.

This one was also done with 12 alternating sheets.

Here is my munchkins sweet little card and the bouquet of flowers!

These would also be perfect for Mother's Day or Teacher's Appreciation!!!


  1. Hi Joj0

    These are really lovely and cute

    I love handmade crafts :)

  2. So cute!
    I remember making tissue paper flowers when I was a kid - such a lovely gift!